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"Raffel's writing snatches the breath out of your body and engages you in untangling the mystery of this family."--USA Today


"Exquisite prose and a keen unflinching eye for the subtleties of familial disintegration"
--The Review of Contemporary Fiction


"As compressed and urgent as a telegram, this book evokes furtive passions and dreams that push relentlessly toward the light."--O, The Oprah Magazine


"Extreme literature" --Publisher's Weekly


"Cryptic but oddly compelling...there is no denying the power of the language."


"Raffel's use of language is potent...certainly worth the disquietude it creates."
--Library Journal


"This taut, evocative tale of two sisters, a child, an insensate father and a dead mother, is a kind of family horror story in the manner of the grim tale of the Three Little Pigs, told and retold here. Dawn Raffel is a writer of genuine orginality and integrity."--Robert Coover


"Carrying the Body" draws you in and keeps you spellbound by the mesmerizing power of Raffel's prose."--Esmeralda Santiago


"Dawn Raffel is one of America's freshest voices since Faulkner. Carrying the Body isn't read. it's absorbed through the pores."--Patricia Volk


"Carrying the Body has a poetic grace that smuggles its emotional power into your head. Long after you have finished the novel, the exquisite imagery and language linger and echo. Surely Raffel doesn't write with ordinary tools--she must engrave her words onto fine stones with a tiny, diamond-tipped chisel."--Katharine Weber